Two water destinations to travel this fall

autumn travel
A new season of the year begins: autumn . A date that seems to be no longer so ideal for traveling because it is already colder and the sunlight leaves earlier. However, it is a time when you can travel and enjoy destinations in a different way to appreciate the whole environment and its beauty in a different light and with the traditions or activities of this time. In addition, they are dates that are also ideal for traveling because there are fewer tourists and fewer crowds.


One of the destinations par excellence of this time of year are the Maldives to enjoy palm trees, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters those in which almost somewhat exclusive and private accommodation delve.

It is a landscape that was dreamed of confinement by COVID-19 and that, now, is possible because you can now travel to this destination. Normally, you choose to rest and disconnect from everything, although its reefs and fish of all colors allow some interesting activities for nature lovers.

And, if you want to rest 100%, you can always enjoy a rich gastronomy during the days of your stay. In addition, the advantage is that you can fly from Spain.

autumn travel

Heading to Portugal

Another good option for this time of year is to take a cruise on the Douro from the Portuguese city of Porto . This river cruise takes a tour of great beauty through the heart of the Portuguese country and the Douro Valley.

On this tour, for example, you can discover unusual places, characterized by their unconventional beauty. Among them, for example, are Lamego and Vila Real , which have a rich heritage and tradition, as well as Guimaraes , which is considered the birthplace of Portugal.

The cruise also allows you to see the gardens of the Casa de Mateus and visit Vila Nova de Gaia . Another visit of interest is the tram museum in Porto , among other points of interest.