The best destinations for poker lovers

Traveling today goes far beyond the well-known sun and beach tourism and is due to reasons that are not limited to just resting. Since traveling became the hobby preferred by the vast majority of the world’s population, each one has adapted this form of fun to their lifestyle. That is why, as a result of the tourism boom, different ways to travel have emerged, such as gastronomic tourism, cultural tourism or even leisure tourism.

Often times, different types of tourism are combined. For example, the gastronomic one is one of the favorites because, despite not being the main reason why a place is visited, we always want to know the culture of the place we travel to and what better way than to do it than through its meals. typical. Even so, there is a type of tourism that is increasingly fashionable, such as visits to emblematic buildings such as casinos . Casinos, especially the oldest ones, are buildings full of history and great wealth, so they are worth a visit and, sometimes, many of them keep great anecdotes or also serve to understand a part of the history and of how people from the higher classes of society enjoyed their free time holding meetings in these emblematic places. Buildings such as The Venetian casino in Macau are real gems for gambling lovers, since this type of game and the assistance to the casino itself playing the most traditional games and even from their devices to online poker is a source of income for many who live traveling . From concepts like this the idea of ​​a new type of tourism arises: that of visiting casinos. Next, I invite you to know five of the best destinations for poker lovers.


The ultimate destination for those who like to mix travel with gambling is the Principality of Monaco. This small city-state located in the south of France in Western Europe is such a small country that it can be visited in just one day. One of the obligatory visits for the thousands of tourists who decide to travel to Monaco is the building of the great Monte Carlo Casino for being the protagonist in James Bond films such as Casino Royale. Although, true poker lovers do dare to go inside to enjoy an unbeatable experience. The poker tournaments that take place in its building are also well known in the world, such as the Grand Final of the European Poker Tour , which is televised and followed by millions of viewers.


The Spanish capital is also chosen by players who, despite not being the most prominent city for them, its casinos are as impressive or even attract more attention than others as well known as the aforementioned Casino Montecarlo. One of the most recognized casinos in the city is the Casino Gran Madrid with a poker room that is a favorite for lovers of this game.


Situated on the city’s bay is one of the most luxurious casinos in the world , one that both fans of the game and visitors to Singapore love: the Marina Bay Sands Casino. This casino is a full-fledged all-in-one because, apart from housing more than 600 rooms for game development and having more than 2,500 slot machines, it also has a hotel, museums and theaters to make your stay an unforgettable experience. One notable feature about Asian players is that they make much higher stakes than Western players, which is why this casino alone raises more money than Las Vegas. Finally, a curious fact about Singapore casinos is that you can smoke inside the building legally.



City of historic casinos and very famous also not only for these casinos, but because in a traditional way, in small pubs, poker specialists also meet to enjoy leisure. Apart from being one of the most beautiful European cities and where you can enjoy a movie atmosphere, Dublin is one of the cities with the most casinos on the continent. The Irish capital has its own tournament, the Winamax Poker Open, with 40 tournaments that take place at the Hotel City West and where a thousand players from all over the world compete in different types of poker. If you want to enjoy this show, it is held in the month of September.

Las Vegas

The city par excellence of the game and the one that comes to mind if we mention poker is, without a doubt, Las Vegas in Nevada, United States. The number one destination and preferred by both expert and novice players . Even any tourist visiting the city is impressed by the sheer scale of the casinos in the world gambling city. In its more than 120 places dedicated to gambling you can enjoy all kinds of games of chance, the most famous being the slot machines that we have seen in so many American movies and poker in all its forms, especially Texas Hold’em. And since "what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas" it is best to go to the place to experience it, since no experience is equal to that of attending a game of poker in such an emblematic place.