Casinos that you cannot miss

Do you like to play Black Jack? Or roulette? Going to the casino is quite an experience that can be dressed in an incredible patina of glamor and elegance. Who does not remember James Bond playing everything red in more than one of his films? It is just one example of how attractive it can be to visit one of these leisure and entertainment centers.

In fact, there are very touristy enclaves thanks precisely to gambling and casinos (Las Vegas is, perhaps, the clearest example). Today we tell you where the most exclusive gaming centers on the planet are, in case you decide to try your luck in some of them.

In the United States or Europe

As I was saying before, when we think of casinos our mind unquestionably travels to Las Vegas , the paradise of inveterate gamblers. The leisure offer, hotels, restaurants offered by this city that stands majestically in the middle of the desert is incredible. And there you can discover the great Bellagio , built in 1998, and which is one of the best casinos in Las Vegas. In fact it houses exclusive shops, art galleries and all kinds of entertainment for tourists.

Another destination that game lovers have always wanted to visit is, without a doubt, Monaco . And it is not surprising, because the glamor that exudes the principality is incomparable. Therefore, if what you want is to play roulette in an exclusive and elegant place where they exist, you will have to consider visiting the Monte Carlo Casino . But there are other special casinos where you can try your luck, like The Cleamont Club , in the London borough of Mayfair. A very elegant hotel in the purest British style where you can entertain yourself by playing poker or baccarat.