Stonehenge, a magical place

There are places that arouse interest due to their beauty, their grandeur or the natural environment that surrounds them. And other places draw attention for the enigma and mystery that they seem to contain. This is the case of Stonehenge , a megalithic monument that is located in England , near Amesbury in the heart of Wiltshire.

If you have the opportunity to visit it, don’t miss it. You will attend one of the most amazing architectural constructions in the world, dating back to nothing less than the Neolithic. Experts still wonder what the meaning of these mysterious stones is.

A stone temple

The structure of the Stonehenge monument seems simple. They are large blocks of stone arranged in a circular way , in four concentric circles, the largest being about 30 meters in diameter. In the center, a stone slab that simulates a kind of altar. The megalithic complex is surrounded by a moat, also circular, which is cut by a kind of road of about 3 kilometers.

Although it is not known for sure what the origin of this special place was, it is believed that its purpose was to serve as a religious temple , as a kind of place of prayer, or as a funerary monument , since in the vicinity they have been found various burials with human remains. Perhaps it was a place where ceremonies to worship the dead were held …

Be that as it may, the Stonehenge sanctuary is a place that is worth visiting, since it tells us about a past dimension of man, but very interesting. Researchers from the University of Sheffield found very close to this curious megalithic temple a settlement with more than a thousand houses. According to these experts, these houses were used only temporarily, and not on a regular basis. Curious, right?