Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia

With the arrival of good weather, the long-awaited summer holidays are getting closer and closer. This winter has been hard for everyone and it is not surprising that we are so eagerly awaiting the time of sun, beach, leisure …

If you are looking for a destination to travel to when your holidays arrive, today I am going to propose a very special city that is also relatively close. It is Cagliari , the capital of Sardinia. A pearl that usually goes unnoticed and that, nevertheless, is drawn as a dreamy corner to enjoy the summer intensely.

The Castelo neighborhood

Sardinia is the perfect place to spend the summer. In addition to incredible landscapes , archaeological sites of great interest and beautiful beaches , this Mediterranean island houses cities that will captivate you. Like Cagliari, its capital, which stands on top of a hill overlooking the Bay of Los Angeles.

It is full of artistic and cultural treasures , starting with the stone walls, which are very well preserved. In its old town, the secluded Castello neighborhood, you will find many places of interest to visit. There you will find the Citadella dei Musei , whose archaeological museum, the Museo Archeológico Nazionale houses an outstanding collection of Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman objects. The neighborhood is full of steep slopes, but you will find elevators that help you navigate it without so much effort.

An attractive leisure offer

The most important street in Cagliari is Largo Carlo Felice , flanked by rosewood trees and beautiful buildings with balconies and shuttered windows, a characteristic landmark of the city’s architecture.

Do not forget to walk the hectic Via Roma , where the best cafes and restaurants and the most elegant shops meet, or the one known as the Marina district, in whose small streets you can breathe an effervescent commercial and leisure atmosphere.