Transport in Rome

Are you thinking of taking a trip to Rome? Then it will be good for you to know a little about the transport network that the city has. As it is not a huge city, you can travel to many places on foot , which is also recommended to thoroughly soak up the air that is breathed there.

However, it will be good for you to know what means of transport you can have if necessary. Here is a little guide that will help you not to get lost too much, as long as you don’t want to (getting lost sometimes makes us discover surprising places that would otherwise go unnoticed).

Buses and trams the best option

The first thing I have to tell you, especially if you have never traveled to Rome, is that it is not an orderly city. In addition to the traffic, which is crazy, in the streets of the city a certain chaos reigns very much in keeping with the character of the Romans.

Rome’s buses and trams are managed by the ATAC company. At Termini station you will find the main information point. Its network is safe and inexpensive , although both buses and trams are usually full at peak times.

Use tips

Urban guard
To use the bus or tram, buy your ticket in advance at ATAC vending machines or at authorized tobacco shops and stores . Once you get on the bus (through the back door) you will have to validate it and, from that moment, the ticket will serve you for 75 minutes for any bus route and one metro route. You can buy vouchers for five trips, a ticket for a whole day, or tickets for three days, weekly or monthly.

As for the metro , and due to the large amount of archaeological remains that still remain under the Roman streets, the network has few lines , if we compare it with the meters of other European cities. To use it you will need a single BIT ticket that will give you the right to a journey.

Taxis in Rome are difficult to hail on the street, and easier to find at stops or by phone. Remember that the dense traffic in the city can make a taxi trip a real test for your nerves and your pocketbook.