The best volcanic beaches in Reunion Island

Reunion Island is one of the most attractive destinations in the world thanks to its beaches and the natural landscapes that surround them. In the middle of the Indian Ocean, this place gives off a very special magic by combining various elements such as volcanic rocks , sand, sea, flora, fauna, tropical forests and a lot of other wonders. Its beaches are very visited by surfers and its mountains by paragliders since it is usually very windy practically all over the island.

There are different types of beaches with different characteristics, all of them very attractive and perfect depending on the type of tourism you are looking for and what you want from each beach. The most striking are, in my opinion, the volcanic ones, which have great beauty just like any other volcanic area. These are the two best volcanic beaches on Reunion Island :

Boucan Canot Beach

It is a huge beach where you can see someone surfing as well as another area where meditation is done or relaxation techniques are carried out. It is long and wide, which is divided into small areas so that each visitor is in the one that interests them the most. In the bathing area there are guards as it is a dangerous beach with strong waves and a current that can sometimes be a bit violent. There is no surveillance in the surf area and only surfers of any level can swim, but only surfers . If you do not go with your board you will not be able to bathe in that area, although in addition to surfing you can also do other water sports. One of the most beautiful things about this beach is a spectacular coral reef that is just a few meters from the shore.

L’Hermitage Beach

Here you will have a bit of everything since this volcanic beach is joined by a small path of white sand with the beach of Trou d’eau, with which you have two different beaches in the same place. L’Hermitage beach is much quieter than Boucan Canot beach, especially because its waves are not as strong and there is not as much risk when it comes to taking a bath. There is a pine forest that surrounds the beach, ideal for sunny days as this way you can go through the shade from time to time and from which you will have the best views since it is at the top of the beach and you can enjoy a spectacular view of the lagoon.