Natural tourism in Medellín, Colombia

Colombia is a country where you can find a lot of interesting places to visit during your vacations. One of the most important cities, specifically the second, is Medellín . Tourism is very important there since it is the main source of income for the city, so everything is focused on making the visit of any tourist a pleasant experience.

Leisure, culture, sport and nature are the best that the city of Medellín can offer you. Here I leave you the most interesting natural places that you can find in this city and that you must visit without fail during your trip:

Arví Regional Park

It is the most visited place in the city, a tourist landmark that has 20,000 hectares of natural spaces where you can enjoy an unforgettable day. It not only belongs to the city of Medellín but also includes municipalities such as Bello, Envigado and Copacabana. It has many trails for a pleasant walk or bike ride, as well as lakes and forests. There you can practice sports such as canoeing, trekking, mountain biking or fishing, plus there is a camping area to sleep in the middle of nature.

Seven Guardian Hills

It is a natural wonder that surrounds the city and in which you will not only enjoy a beautiful natural environment and spectacular views but there are several leisure and recreation areas to carry out various activities. As it could not be less given its situation, there are several viewpoints to enjoy the best views of the place. You can visit any of the hills: La Asomadera, El Volador, Nutibara, Pan de Azúcar, El Salvador, El Picacho and Santo Domingo.

Sculpture Park

If, in addition to enjoying the natural surroundings, you do it with the monuments, without a doubt this will be one of the best places you can visit in Medellín. It is a kind of open-air museum in which various sculptures of all kinds are exhibited, ranging from this park to El Poblado avenue.