Albufera Natural Park in Valencia

The Albufera Natural Park , in Valencia , is one of the most spectacular natural environments in our country. It covers almost 22,000 hectares and its size leads it to have a presence, in addition to Valencia, in municipalities such as Sedaví, Alfafar, Catarroja, Massanassa, Albal, Silla, Beniparrell, Sueca, Sollana, Cullera, Algemesí and Albalat de la Ribera.

It is just 10 kilometers from the city center, making it an ideal option not only to visit if you are in Valencia or the surrounding areas, but if you live there it is the perfect place to get away and spend a day in the middle of nature. It is one of the most valuable coastal wetlands in the country and in the entire Mediterranean area. Fishing is one of the activities that has been carried out the most in its history, being legal since the 13th century. There are fish such as sea bass, eels, gambetas, crabs or pexinots.

Much of the surface of this natural park is occupied by rice crops, which give many benefits to the area. In addition, the flora and fauna of La Albufera are very important, having a great biodiversity thanks to being a protected area. Among its vegetation, the reeds, eneas, masiegas, thyme, rosemary bushes, gorse, flavorija or Aleppo pine stand out. Among its fauna, the most notable are the fish and mollusks, some of them in danger of extinction, such as the samaruc .

During the winter season you can see seagulls and herons , which arrive by the thousands, in addition to other species such as the red duck, the mallard, the common teal, the European poodle or the common spoon. Here there are also many species that are in the breeding season as they find the perfect conditions to be able to do so.

In l’Albufera there are also different environments that represent the natural habitats of the species that live there. One of the areas is La Restinga, which has a spectacular beach and dune system. There is also El Marjal, which is the area that covers the largest area and is basically dedicated to rice cultivation. The Albufera environment is one of the most important as it has a great landscape and ecological value.