Discover the gardens of London

Sparkling, deeply modern and very, very chic. This is London, the perfect city for resolute urbanites who enjoy everything that a big city can offer them (a varied cultural offer, avant-garde shops and the most fashionable places) and are not bothered by traffic or crowds.

But another London is also possible. The English capital hides in its interior wonderful parks that are open windows to nature , and that both Londoners and visitors enjoy to the fullest. Here are some of the most important ones.

Enjoy the outdoors

When you travel to London, take time to discover its parks and gardens . You will discover another way of experiencing the city. In addition, they are perfect if you travel with children , since they can let off steam at ease.

One of the most important green areas in the city, and the largest in the center, is Hyde Park , with its Serpentine lake. In it you will find beautiful flower gardens, spectacular fountains, and cafes and kiosks for a snack. Nearby, Kensington Gardens are also worth a visit. They were opened to the public in 1841 and there is what was the residence of Diana of Wales, Kensington Palace .

Another park that stands out for its beauty is Sant James Park , one of the most elegant in the city, which was planned and built in the 18th century and has a beautiful lake where more than 40 different species of water birds live. . In summer you can enjoy the musical concerts that are organized.

And finally, be sure to visit Regent’s Park , with its beautiful rose gardens, the Queen Mary’s Gardens . There is also an open-air theater and musical performances in summer, and there are several secluded cafes where you can take a break from so much beauty. Do not miss it.