Butchart Gardens, Vancouver

Visiting the hundreds of wonderful gardens that exist around the world is a great reason to travel. Today I am going to propose the perfect excuse to get to know Vancouver , in Canada, especially if you are lovers of plants and flowers: visit the Butchart Gardens , a paradise that will captivate you to infinity.

No less than 22 hectares of land that are an authentic orchard and to which more than a million visitors arrive each year to be ecstatic with its beauty and its color. Would you like to discover the thousand nuances it contains? Well, do not hesitate. Of course, the best months to visit are from March to October , when the flowering of the species is constant.

With more than a century of history

But the Butchart Gardens haven’t always been like this. Before there were plants, flowers and vegetation, it was a cement factory operated by Robert Pim Butchart (from 1888 to 1904). At the beginning of the 20th century, his wife Jennie decided to beautify the quarry by planting various species.

From that moment, the entire family dedicated itself to caring for that garden that today is divided into five different sectors but connected to each other by means of lawns and secluded paths.

A show all year round

There is everything there: tropical plants, cherry blossoms, bulbous plants that explode in a thousand colors … A spectacle for the senses. In spring it is the turn of rhododendrons and azaleas.

Summer is the season of roses, of which you will find more than 250 varieties . In autumn begonias and dahlias make their appearance, and the Japanese Garden , noted for its serene and delicate beauty, turns reddish and golden. During the winter, and despite the cold, this garden continues to radiate magic.