Kliluk, an alien lake in Canada

kliluk Canada
Have you considered Canada as a destination for your next vacation? Well, you should know that it is a great idea, since this country has everything a tourist can look for: interesting cities, impressive natural landscapes, a wide cultural and outdoor sports offer, a wonderful history to discover …

Without a doubt, among the main attractions of this North American country are its landscapes, being able to enjoy super special corners that are unique in the world, like the one we are going to show you today. We refer to Spotted Lake, known to the native Indians of the surrounding valley as the sacred lake of Kliluk . Do you want to discover all the details about this wonderful natural area? Well, you should be very attentive to what we tell you below! We assure you that you are going to love it!

Impossible shapes and colors

Kliluk is located in the Okanagan Valley , in the province of British Columbia, specifically 100 kilometers from Vancouver, one of the most important cities in Canada, and very close to the border with the United States. As you can see for yourself in the images that we offer you in the gallery, it is a most curious lake, which some describe as an extraterrestrial or surreal formation. And it is that during the summer, a strange phenomenon takes place here that causes the water to evaporate and crystallize, giving rise to small pools of impossible shapes and colors. Specifically, 365 pools can be seen.

kliluk Canada1

Depending on the season

The magical colors that this lake acquires are possible thanks to the minerals that house its waters, being able to find calcium, magnesium, sodium sulfates, silver or platinum, among others. In fact, this saline aquatic body tolerates one of the highest mineral concentrations on the planet. As we have told you before, the landscape changes depending on the seasons of the year, being able to contemplate different shapes and colors in each season, being in summer the best time to contemplate it. As you can see in the images, the chromatic range that can be seen throughout the year includes blues, yellows, ocher, whites, greens …

Therapeutic qualities

In addition to its Martian appearance, this lake stands out for its therapeutic qualities. Yes! Yes! As you are reading it! Apparently the mud from this place is healing and perfect for beauty treatments. And don’t think this is something that has been discovered now! As historians have discovered, in ancient times during tribal wars truces were made so that the fighters could apply the mud and, thus, heal their wounds. In addition, during World War I large quantities of salts were extracted to be transported to the United States in order to make ammunition. Apparently, a ton was extracted every day.

kliluk Canada2

Tourist exploitation

Although for tourists it is an area that is worth discovering, the truth is that it is a sacred place for the natives. Therefore, nowadays there are certain restrictions when visiting this corner. Of course, bathing is completely prohibited. Even so, there are people who totally ignore the rules and sneak into the enclosure to be able to contemplate the strange and therapeutic lake up close. One way to respect the indigenous people is to contemplate this place from the road or from other corners. It is the advantage that it is located in a valley. Then we leave you with our gallery , where you will find more images of this spectacular natural space located in Canada. Do not miss it!

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