The beautiful Lake Tekapo in New Zealand

Lake Tekapo New Zealand
Throughout the planet it is possible to find spectacular lakes located in incredible landscapes and, how could it be otherwise, in Vuela Viajes we have told you about many of them: the Lakes of Covadonga in Asturias, the lakes of the Kelimutu volcano in Indonesia, the pink lake of Australia … Of course, we still have many more lakes to show you.

Today, for example, we move to New Zealand, a country that, as you know, stands out for its exuberant natural beauty. Among its many natural landscapes that are worth visiting today we want to highlight Lake Tekapo , which not only stands out for the turquoise color of its waters, but for the environment that surrounds it. Would you like to know more details about this beautiful corner of New Zealand? Well, be very attentive to what we tell you below! We assure you that you are going to love it!

The lake

What do you think if before describing this wonder of nature we place ourselves on the map? Thus Lake Tekapo is located in the Mackenzie Basin, a three-hour drive southwest of the city of Christchurch and facing the New Zealand Alps, also called the Southern Alps. In fact, a few kilometers away we can find Mount Cook, which is the highest peak in the country, with more than 3,000 meters high. Once we know where this incredible lake is, we have to talk about the impressive turquoise color that its waters have acquired. Apparently, this attractive tonality is due to the fine glacial flour, that is, the rock ground by glaciers, which is suspended in the water.

Lake Tekapo New Zealand1


But as we mentioned at the beginning, the only thing that surprises about this place is not the color of its waters, but the environment that surrounds the lake. Above all, the Church of the Good Shepherd stands out , a beautiful church that can boast of having spectacular views from the altar, since the window located here frames the lake and Mount Cook. Built by the first families to inhabit the Mackenzie District in 1935, the church is the focal point for most people who are lucky enough to visit this beautiful place.

Lake Tekapo New Zealand2

Other points of interest

Beyond the church, around the lake you can find a bronze statue that pretends to be a tribute to the sheepdog, key to grazing in the mountainous terrain; the pedestrian paths around the lake; the Mount John Observatory which, at 1,031 meters above sea level, is the southernmost star observatory in the world; or Coawans Hill, where you can enjoy spectacular views. In addition, we must not forget that this place is one of the best places in New Zealand to contemplate the southern aurora due to the zero light pollution. Of course, you must bear in mind that the best time to enjoy this phenomenon of nature is from April to September. On the other hand, you must bear in mind that thanks to the low light pollution and that this area is one of those with the highest percentage of clear skies in the entire country, the spectacle that the sky offers when the sun goes down is incredible, being able to contemplate the stars, planets and constellations in all their splendor.

Lake Tekapo New Zealand3
Then we leave you with our gallery , where you can find more beautiful images of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand. Are you going to miss it?