Things to do in Vancouver

Vancouver is a fantastic city that offers you almost everything, the ideal place to spend three or four days and enjoy all the options it has to offer. One of the best things about it is that despite being one of the great cities in Canada, it maintains a great natural wealth that contrasts with the large skyscrapers and modernities that have been installed in the city over time. There are many markets, in fact it is one of the Canadian cities that has the most and where you can not only find the typical things you buy here in a market but there are also big brand stores.

In all the markets and also in many of the parks of the city you will find several craft stalls where you will see the specialists make each piece live. If you want to see the best artisans in Vancouver working live, I recommend you go to Granville Island since that is where they are. As for the parks, Stanley Park is the most visited by tourists, who love to visit it to see the wide variety of trees, flowers, ponds and trails that are all over the place. The best thing you can do is rent a bicycle to be able to enjoy all the corners of the park while you exercise a little.

Another of the most important tourist attractions is gastronomy , since it has a mixture of culinary styles that make it unique and spectacular. Thanks to the great fishing activity in the region, you can taste exquisite seafood and fish cooked in a thousand ways. In recent years, Vancouver cuisine has merged a lot with Asian cuisine, so you can find unique dishes with truly original flavors.