Sri Lanka: an exotic destination with a lot of history and culture

When it comes to traveling, the world map offers an infinite number of destinations. Among them is Sri Lanka . A place that is usually shocked by its great beauty, which has earned it different qualifications or be renamed as Paradise on Earth, the Pearl of the East , Tear of India or the Shining Island. Only these names already give an idea of ​​everything it can offer to the visitor, who will be seduced by ancient monuments , colonial cities, tea plantations and excellent beaches , among many other attractions for which Sri Lanka stands out.

What to see

One of the must-see destinations on the island is Colombo, which is its capital. A city characterized by its strong contrasts in which colonial mansions coexist with modern hotels , shopping centers , bazaars…. They are contrasts that are also observed in their people in the way they dress, it is common to find on the street women who wear the traditional sarongs , but also young people who wear jeans.

The colonial remains are located mainly in Fort, which is the center of Colombo. Among them, there is the Lighthouse Clock Tower , which served as a lighthouse and clock for the city at the same time. The visit should also take us to the fort itself, as well as to the Dutch Hospital , which was built by Dutch settlers and which, today, is a leisure and restaurant area.

Further south is the fort and citadel of Galle, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tour of Sri Lanka also takes the traveler to Sigiriya , which is an ancient citadel from the 5th century, which was built on a large rock that rises almost 200 meters above the jungles . The climb is difficult – there are more than 2,000 steps with some sections over the abyss – but it is well worth making the sacrifice – if possible for physical reasons – to enjoy this environment.

Inside the ascension, you can see frescoes , which are called the maidens or apsara of Sigiriya, which have women with naked breasts. In total, a total of 19 of them are kept in perfect condition.

You should also visit the Pidurangala mount, which is located a few meters from Sigiriya and offers an impressive view. Also nearby is Dambulla , which is a gigantic rock with a deep fold in which there are five large caverns dedicated to Buddha. In them, you can see statues in different postures and a ceiling with hundreds of portraits of Buddha.

The itinerary takes you to Polonnaruwa , which was the second capital of the kingdom between the 11th and 12th centuries. To the south is the great artificial lake, the Parakrama Samudra , which is the work of Parakramabahu I. The route includes other places such as Kandy , which is a traditional cultural center located in a setting of great beauty and where an ancient relic is venerated: the tooth of Buddha , who arrived attached to the hair of the Indian princess of Orissan.

However, it must be borne in mind that this relic is not actually shown to visitors, who see a reliquary of gilded silver , which contains another six that are reducing in size. In the smallest, it is where the sacred tooth is located.

And if Sri Lanka is famous for something, it is for its green mountains of tea . They are plantations of great beauty in which you can see the women working with their colorful clothes and the wicker baskets on the back.


Finally, we must talk about the beaches. The best are in the south. They are characterized by being clean , wild and for their yellow sand , which contrasts with the vegetation that practically reaches the water’s edge.