Travel to Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

One of the most exotic destinations in the world is Sri Lanka , a country that is also full of history and culture and has several World Heritage monuments in many of its cities. One of the most beautiful cities in this country is Polonnaruwa , a beautiful medieval city that is worth visiting, or so I think, but I am in love with medieval cities.

Many years ago it was the capital of the state and became one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia, but times changed, half the city became ruins and now there is a mixture of both stages and the truth is that it is spectacular. Almost every building in the city was the brainchild of King Parakramabahu , one of the last warrior kings to achieve improvements in Polonnaruwa.

This city is located 142 kilometers from the city of Colombo and has an area of ​​about 122 hectares . There you can see many buildings and monuments of many styles, although the most predominant is the Hindu, and in the Hindus almost all are religious buildings since that style there little predominates in civil buildings.

One of the most attractive things you can see in Polonnaruwa is "The Buddhas of Gal Vihara" , 3 large Buddhas that were sculpted on a rocky wall, the first one sitting meditating, the second standing with his arms crossed and the third lying down. The last of them is the longest at 15 meters and is considered the most perfect and mysterious statue in Sri Lanka.

The city is surrounded by the Prakrama Samura Reservoir, a spectacular artificial lake that was also built by order of King Prarakamabahu in the 12th century and is a true wonder to behold.