London: things to do at Christmas

There is a lot to do at Christmas in a city like London. Here is a short list of things you can do during those special days.

1. West End, see the Christmas lights
The lights come on in mid-November and it’s a show that won’t cost you a penny. During the night, which is when the lights are turned on, it is worth going shopping in the Oxford Street and Regent Street area.

2. Ice rinks
All skating rinks are outdoors. Most are open quite late and in some different special events are held to entertain attendees. The slopes are usually open until mid-January.

3. The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree
In the middle of the square, a huge Christmas tree lights up year after year. The tree is generally more than 20 meters high. The tree normally stays in the square until Twelfth Night. The lights go on the first Thursday in December.

4. Meet Santa Claus
Sitting on the lap of Santa Claus and telling him what you want him to bring you will be a nice experience that will make you remember your childhood. Anyway, the best thing is that you give your place to the little ones who will be queuing to meet Santa.

5. Shopping
On those days, shopping is the national sport. During those days you can make purchases in the most popular shopping centers, such as Harrods, or go to the different markets that are established around the city.