The natural “jewels” that you cannot miss in Cantabria

Cantabria is one of the Spanish communities that is part of the nature destinations par excellence. And it is that this autonomy, despite its small size, has endless routes and possibilities to be in contact with the natural environment. Nature parks , villas that preserve the flavor of yesteryear or remnants of history that are preserved in their original habitat are some of the main natural "jewels" that no visitor should miss. And, although there are really many, here are some proposals.


When talking about Cantabria, the name of the Altamira Cave always comes up, which is one of the most famous and popular in Spain. And it is not for less because it is the most important sample of Palaeolithic art worldwide.

The cave is located near Santillana del Mar from which it is just over two kilometers. This town is very touristy, being one of the most visited in this region. Of course, it has a lot of charm. Among its main attractions are the medieval cobbled streets with which the old town is maintained, which has a great historical-artistic value.


On the route through Cantabria, another of the main destinations cannot be missing when talking about nature tourism. It is the Cabárceno Nature Park . In addition, it has the advantage that it is also relatively close to Santillana del Mar.

This park is a former open-pit mining operation, but one that is especially important because it is home to a wide variety of animals that live in semi-freedom . This should not suggest that it is a typical zoo, but rather that it is a space that has been naturalized by man himself.

There, for example, are found from elephants, gorillas and giraffes to bears, bison, lions, zebras, camels or hippos, among many others. Without a doubt, a very entertaining visit. It is a park that, in addition, it is possible to travel by vehicle.