White cliffs? Route through the Seven Sisters in the South of England

On more than one occasion we have talked about the routes of the South of England because they have charming towns, as well as magnificent beaches. It is a very striking landscape within which the white cliffs like those of the Seven Sisters also stand out . An area not only to admire, since it allows you to do different excursions and routes, which are ideal for nature lovers.

The cliffs

These limestone cliffs of the Seven Sisters are in the East Sussex region, between the towns of Seaford and Eastbourne, and are part of the South Downs National Park , which make up a space of 280 acres in length.

Each of these cliffs has a name . For example, there is Haven Brow, Short Brow, Rough Brow, Brass Point, Flagstaff Brow, Bailey’s Hill, and Went Hill. Around them, there is an area that is made up of numerous long country trails and marshes in which there is wildlife characteristic of this area.


Hiking trails can start from either city, heading east or west. However, it is normal to do it from Seaford to Eastbourne because from this part the views of the cliffs are much more spectacular .

white cliffs
The whole route involves doing 22 kilometers, but there are also more relaxed options. Among these alternatives, a good option is to opt for the path to Cuckmere Heaven , which allows you to walk along the river until you reach the coast guard cabins .

You can also get to the beach from these cabins to take a dip in the ocean waters. Apart is an ideal place to watch the waters of the river join the ocean, leaving the beach divided into two sections. However, if the tide is low, it is possible to cross to the other side of the river. If you follow this path, it is possible to continue walking along the cliffs until you reach the Beachy Head lighthouse .