Get to know Sinaia

Famous for its waters rich in healing minerals, Sinaia is one of the most important spas in Romania. Sinaia, is a city located in central Romania, on the banks of the Prahova River, at the bottom of the Bucegi Mountains. The climate is sub alpine, with cold summers. Snow that falls in winter begins to appear in late September and disappears in late March.

The climate is characterized by low atmospheric pressure, with very clean air, free of dust and other chemical elements or allergic particles, which makes it a perfect place to undergo some therapy . As we mentioned, Sinaia is famous for its mineral springs rich in sulfur, bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium and many other minerals that directly benefit our health .
Also called "The Pearl of the Carpathians", Sinaia offers tourists excellent conditions to undergo a wide variety of treatments. The area is made up of modern hotels, houses and cabins that offer accommodation to all who visit the area. For all those who like winter sports , Sinaia is the solution as they can even practice skiing.

Before World War II and the royal family’s exile, Sinaia was the place where the royal family spent their summers. One of the sites that you cannot miss is the Sinaia Monastery , this monastery is still active even though it was built in 1695. Another place to visit is the Peles Palace , which is one of the best preserved palaces in Europe.