Ports Natural Park in Tarragona

At VuelaViajes we like to be able to recommend spectacular places to visit during your vacations, and I love being able to do it with natural places, which I think are the most beautiful we can see. Natural Parks are exceptional destinations for any traveler, especially for those who like to be in the middle of nature.

One of the most beautiful in our country is the Dels Ports Natural Park , which is in the southwest of the province of Tarragona and borders the borders of both Teruel and Castell贸n. It is 30 kilometers from the city of Tortosa, also very interesting. It is not one of the best known or famous parks in our country but the truth is that it is a true wonder, especially for lovers of hiking.

Here you will find large limestone cliffs adorning the landscape, as well as cliffs, ravines or rock formations such as Roque de Benet, one of the most beautiful in the park. As you enter the park and gain height, the natural landscape becomes more spectacular, with increasingly lush forests among which you can find several areas of crops and pastures.

The highest peak is Monte Caro , which is at 1,447 meters and from which you have spectacular views of the cliffs and the entire park, in addition to being able to see, in the distance, several of the towns of Aragon. From the top you can also see some of the animal species that inhabit the park, such as eagles, griffon vultures , wild boars, roe deer or mountain goats.

The Dels Ports Natural Park also offers several routes for hikers , so if you like this activity, I highly recommend visiting this park. Be that as it may, if you are going to be in Catalonia and you have time, stop by and you will see that you do not regret it.