Places of interest in San Sebastián

One of the most beautiful cities in our country is San Sebastián , whose main center of attention is its famous La Concha beach, which is part of a spectacular urban landscape. In total there are 3 beaches in the city, but in addition to that there are many places of interest that are totally recommended and that make it totally worthwhile to make a trip to San Sebastián and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Leisure, culture, gastronomy, nature… in San Sebastián you can find everything to be able to enjoy a complete vacation without having to make long trips. Take note of the places of interest in San Sebastián :

Mount Igueldo

It is one of the mountains that shape the landscape of La Concha Bay, and you can climb to its top in the funicular, without a doubt an experience in which it is worth investing your time. Here there is also an amusement park, in addition to the fact that from the top you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the city and that, for many, are the best views of San Sebastián.

Aquarium of San Sebastián

It is the oldest in Spain and has several aquariums, as well as a huge water tank that goes through a glass tunnel over which a lot of marine species swim. This aquarium is the most visited attraction in the city.

San Telmo Museum

It is the most famous museum in the city and it is in an old Dominican convent that they recently restored and that was beautiful. In it you can find various collections throughout the year with various pieces of art, archaeological objects or ethnographic elements.

Good Shepherd Cathedral

It is in the Plaza del Buen Pastor and has been standing since the end of the 19th century. In addition to being very interesting at an architectural level, it is worth noting that its organ is one of the largest in Europe.

Old Town of San Sebastián

The old part of the city, as in any other, is the one that tells the most about the history that has been lived in its streets. It is the perfect place to stroll in peace and be able to taste the famous "pintxos" in any of the establishments that offer them.