Tips for eating in the street stalls of the world

roadside stands
What’s a trip to Ho Chi Minh, without a steaming bowl of pho eaten on the sidewalk, while people don’t even look at you? Or a stroll through Mexico City without a stop for tacos served atop a wheeled cart? For lovers of local cuisine, eating out is a way to explore delicious foods, many of which are not available in restaurants .

These foods are prepared by dedicated specialists who have a simple street stand. Of course, this has some risk than another. In the United States, 70 million Americans travel abroad each year and approximately 46% report varying degrees of illness from food or water. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in fact, advises against eating food on the streets of developing countries.

It is important to use a little common sense and choose very carefully what peddler you want to eat. It is important that you ask the locals. In a busy market, you can often tell whether a position is trustworthy or not. Always look for positions where you see a variety of people, that is: workers, policemen, etc.

Know the meal times of the place. If you eat at certain times it is clear that if you go to other times the food will be less fresh. You should always be attentive to cleaning issues. Check that prep surfaces are clean, cold foods are kept on ice, and raw foods are stored separately from cooked foods. Remember to bring your own food utensils . There is no way to know if the chopsticks or forks have been washed beforehand or not.