Eating in Florence

Italy is a wonderful country where you can discover a lot of fantastic cities full of history and beauty. But if there is something that everyone agrees on about this country, and in fact it is one of the main reasons for all those who visit it, it is its gastronomy. Whatever city you go to, there is no doubt that you will be rubbing your hands over the fact of being able to get fed up with Italian food in its place of origin, and it is that mainly pasta and pizza are foods that almost everyone likes of the world population.

Each city in Italy has its own gastronomy, aside from the typical that you can try anywhere, yes, with your own personal touch. Today I will tell you about the gastronomy of Florence , a city with a lot of charm and delicacies that will make your trip even more special. Snacks, delicious dishes or drinks with a very special flavor that you can have both in small establishments and in the most luxurious restaurants in the city and with different prices so that, whatever the means you have, you can enjoy all of them.

Of the typical dishes of Florence, I would highlight the bread with oil, the fettunta, the vegetable soup, the ribollita, crostini di fegato, the pomodoro potato or the panzanella , a type of delicious salad that you can take as a complement to many of the previous dishes or make it your only meal. Meat is the protagonist of the main dishes of this city, the most successful being the beef steak, the fiorentina trippa or the lampredotto , a spectacular meat sandwich accompanied with a delicious green sauce and made with of parsley.

Of course I do not forget the pasta and pizza, the latter made on firewood , as are the authentic ones, and with flavors and textures that will make you fall in love. Although I’ve never been there yet, friends who have gone have told me that the best places to eat in Florence are those in the historic center of the city, both the ones that look like small taverns and the big ones. Without a doubt, a vacation in which you will gain weight, but of course it will be worth it.