The best safaris in the world

Safaris are becoming more and more successful, whatever the time of year there are always spectacular places where you can travel to do one. In them you can not only discover incredible landscapes but you will see animal species in total freedom and living in their habitat, many of them being the only place where you can see them.

You can see the best safaris in Africa, so if you want to do one, take note of a selection that I have prepared for you with the best in the world:

– The Madikwe Game Reserve is one of the largest in South Africa and is spectacular. Three hours from Johannesburg, you can take an incredible walk surrounded by pure nature and in the company of the best connoisseurs of that area. There you can see wild animals such as leopards, rhinos, buffalo, elephants … and all this with the strictest security measures, something that is very strict in any safari.

-The Lake of Naivasha , which is in the Rift Valley in Kenya, there are impressive natural landscapes and a long list of animal species, which makes up a spectacular combination and is one of the favorite landscapes of all tourists who go to the Reserve of Hunting Masai Mara. Of all the animals that you can see here there are five great species that stand out above the others and that are elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalo. Perhaps it is one of the best destinations in the world if, in addition to a spectacular safari, you want to see a unique landscape.

– On the Valdés peninsula you can see marine animals in their natural habitat such as whales, dolphins, sea elephants or Patagonian penguins. You can see all of them on the way to the peninsula and departing from Puerto Madryn. The ideal safari if, in addition to seeing wild animals in freedom, you also want to see sailors.

– Finally, on the Tropical Island of Borneo you can see the best apes in the world in their natural habitat. In addition, you can go hiking in the jungle and appreciate the large number of varieties of exotic plants, as well as other animals such as proboscis monkeys or pygmy elephants.