Belem Tower in Lisbon

Lisbon is a city that we have very close to and that is worth discovering, so if you want to see a great European city, I totally recommend it. Actually I recommend all of Portugal, it is not a very big country and in one trip you can see the most important cities and thus decide which ones you want to discover in depth on another trip. But today I’m going to talk to you about Lisbon, specifically about one of its monuments, the Torre de Belem .

The Torre de Belem is one of the most visited and photographed monuments in the city, it is so successful that you can even buy a replica to take as a souvenir if you liked it a lot. Formerly, it was in charge of giving security to the port of Lisbon , especially when large shipments of valuable merchandise arrived in the city, and it prevented pirates from trying to steal from the ships.

The exterior of the Torre de Belem is spectacular and measures 35 meters, spread over four floors and a terrace, from which you have fantastic views of the city. Inside you can see the Audience Room, the Sala dos Reis, the Governor’s Room and even a chapel. Its beauty and its great historical content have earned it the honor of being a World Heritage Site .

Everything that surrounds this tower is the Belem neighborhood , which gives it its name, and where there are a lot of streets that offer you, at the top, such a spectacular view of the tower that it will seem that you are floating on water. It is as recommendable to go up to the top of the streets as it is to see them from the terrace of the tower, equally incredible landscapes from opposite points.