Eating in New York

We have already told you on several occasions about how much can be done in New York and all the places you can visit, and the ideal thing is that you prepare your trip in detail so that when you get there you have everything organized and can take advantage of the much better time. It is also very important that you take an idea of ​​the places where you can eat because even if you improvise from time to time entering any place that looks good, it is best that you have a few places chosen so that you can also enjoy the best What is there for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

As I am organizing my first trip to this wonderful city, I am going on vacation in November, I am already with all the preparations and I have seen a few bars or restaurants that are ideal for any meal of the day. Take note of these places to eat in New York and you will tell me if you have been to one or if you have another recommendation:

Bubba Gump : If you like the "Forrest Gump" movie, one of the great movies that Tom Hanks starred in, this place is a must for you. At the entrance you have the famous wooden stool on which Forrest sat, which also has the sports shoes on the floor and on the bench the briefcase and the box of chocolates, all very well reproduced. It is in the Broadway area, specifically at number 1501 Broadway Avenue. American cuisine is served and you can have it there or grab it to go. The movie is always playing on the different screens they have.
Ellen’s Stardust Dinner : This is undoubtedly on my list of essentials due to its originality, and that is that the waiters not only serve the tables but also sing while they do it, all also with good voices. A very original and fun place to which it is better to go one day that you are not too tired to enjoy it and that humming does not bother you so much. It is at 1650 Broadway, on the corner of 51. Basically the so-called "junk food" (hamburgers, etc.) is served, which you can have there or take to go, although the grace is to stay there to see the show .
230 FIFTH : As its name suggests, it is located at 230 Fifth Avenue and it is a place where you can have brunch (breakfast-lunch), lunch or dinner, all on a terrace enjoying spectacular views that show you, among other things, the Empire State Building.

Breakfasts : For breakfast there are plenty of places, such as Starbucks (very good prices too), McDonalds, Tip Tock or Europa Café.

Burgers : It is difficult to say where the best hamburgers in the city are made but the best places are Burger Point (Midtown), the Heartland Brewery (there are several throughout the city) or Jackson Hole, one of the most famous and that You can also find yourself in a couple of places in Manhattan.

Others : For Italian food the best thing is to stop by the Little Italy area since there are the authentic Italian restaurants, Chinese food you have everywhere although perhaps the best thing is in Chinatown, and if you like ribs you can enter all those Put "BBQ" in the name as they will be served there.