Eating in Madagascar

Among the many things you discover when you go on vacation to any place is the local gastronomy, which in many cases offers a wonderful combination of flavors that lead your palate to enjoy as much as with any tourist visit. That is why from time to time I like to bring you the typical dishes from different places so that you know what you are going to find. Today I would like to talk to you about the gastronomy of Madagascar , an exceptional place where you will eat like few other places.

The first thing I have to tell you is that in Madagascar you eat in abundance since the portions that they put you anywhere are very generous. In the main typical dishes you will find a lot of rice, sauces, vegetables and spicy condiments, in addition to the fact that the vast majority of dishes are hot. Here are some of the typical dishes of Madagascar :

Ro : It is a beef and pork meat that is marinated in vinegar, water, oil, leaves and onion. You can also add pickles and season with allspice.

Ravitoto : Meat that is served with leaves.

Romazava : They are several pieces of beef fried in oil and also accompanied by leaves and anana, which is a mixture of rice, leaves, herbs and shrimp (this mixture is usually carried by almost all dishes).

Drinks : Some of the most traditional are the litchel (which is an aperitif), toaka gasy (it is distilled from sugar cane and rice) or Malagasy.

Finally, as a curiosity, to tell you that the issue of tips is not mandatory in many places, although there are others in which they will charge you an extra 10% on the total bill, either in a hotel or in a restaurant.