Gay hotel in New York

New York City has always been a benchmark in terms of innovation and trends, although the truth is that in some things they were still a little "behind." One of those things is the issue of homosexuality, which in that country is an issue that is not very "legalized" but fortunately things have already changed in many states. That is why in the Big Apple they have already taken a step forward and are about to open a gay hotel .

This new hotel is called The Out NYC and it is the first gay hotel in the city. It is in the heart of Manhattan, on 42nd Street. The hotel will have 105 rooms, a lounge bar, the Kitchen restaurant, the XL Night Club, three spectacular gardens, a conference center and several common areas with all kinds of services. Undoubtedly one of the most modern and complete hotels in the city. The first thing to open to the public is the XL Night Club , which will be the first dedicated solely to gay audiences after 15 years and which will open every day.

Without a doubt, both the hotel and the club are a great bet and it is expected that it will become the epicenter of the gay community and the city and all those who visit it. The design of the club has counted on the collaboration of prominent personalities of the city such as the organizers of the Saturday party at the Roxy Club , the businessmen John Blair and Beto Sutter and by Brandon Voss and Tony Fornabio, two of the most famous promoters of events. from New York.

The entire hotel is designed in very simple and futuristic lines , which undoubtedly adds a touch of spectacular modernity. The building, unlike most hotels in the city, is low and does not have many floors, which makes it even more beautiful.