Custom trips to Africa

Are you already planning your next vacation? Well, if you are not clear about the destination, we recommend that you do not miss anything that we are going to tell you next, since today we are going to propose that you travel to a continent that will make you fall in love thanks to its scenic beauties and its people. As you may have imagined, we are referring to Africa , a place that is worth traveling to at any time of the year, and not only because of the safaris, but because you can discover some of the oldest tribes on the planet, incredible water beaches crystalline and a practically virgin nature.

For your trip to Africa to become a unique experience, we recommend planning it through the company Viajes Etnias , which specializes in fully personalized tailor-made trips and works directly with local companies. Today we propose some of the African destinations that you can visit thanks to this agency. Would you like to join us?


One of the places in Africa that is worth visiting is Botswana. You will enjoy it a lot if you hire a mobile safari tour through some of the most spectacular areas of this country, such as Moreni , one of the most beautiful reserves on the continent. These routes include all kinds of activities with services in Spanish. In addition, you can stay in comfortable luxury Meru-type tents with a bathroom inside, located in wild and unspoiled areas. As if that were not enough, you will have the possibility of discovering the Victoria Falls.


We also recommend a personalized trip to Ethiopia, the cradle of civilization. It is a very diverse country, with very strong cultural and multi-ethnic roots. Located in the Horn of Africa, this country will surprise you with its wonderful landscapes, among which the cold Simien Mountains, the arid and desolate Harar desert, and the Rift Valley, where you can find fresh and salt water lakes that stand out. they keep great wildlife. Of course, the Mago National Park is also worth discovering. If you decide to take a trip to the North of Ethiopia, you can enjoy history in its purest form, visiting places such as the walled city of Harar, Gondar and its castles, Lalibela and its famous churches carved into the earth, and the palace of the Queen of Shaba in Axum, as well as cities like Negash and Makale. On the other hand, visiting the south you will find ancestral villages in all their splendor, with endless tribes and ethnic groups.


If you want to enjoy a vacation full of adventure, we recommend a trip to Madagascar, an island where the smell of vanilla and the taste of spices are combined with the wildest landscapes and the most original fauna on the planet. Here you can enjoy incredible natural landscapes such as jungles, savannas and agricultural and mountainous highlands. Among the places that are worth visiting, we want to highlight the Tsingy de Bemaraha and the Ankarama massif, surprising geological formations; the natural pools in the Isalo National Park; the virgin jungles of Ranomafana; and the primary forests of Andasibe. In addition, you will be able to access the heart of the last animist ethnic group on the island and do all kinds of activities: deep-sea fishing, jet skiing , kitesurfing , swimming with dolphins, visiting whales on the island of Sainte Marie, enjoying paradisiacal beaches …


Finally, we want to tell you about Kenya, although we are aware that there are many other corners of Africa that are worth discovering. In this country with a large number of habitats you can enjoy unforgettable safaris through its parks and reserves. Undoubtedly, one of the most important migratory events on the planet is worth contemplating in the Massai Mara, although parks and reserves such as Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli or Meru are also recommended. Of course, here you can also find idyllic beaches where you can do activities such as snorkeling and diving throughout the year. Everything at your fingertips and without worries from the hand of Viajes Etnias, specialists in organizing all kinds of trips since 2005.