Historical monuments in Malaga

One of the Spanish cities that I like the most is Malaga , and it is that I have not only gone on vacation a couple of times but I have been living there for almost a year, so I was lucky to be able to know all its corners and it seems to me that there are fascinating places that everyone should visit.

It is the capital of the Costa del Sol and throughout its history it has been inhabited by various civilizations such as Romans, Moors and Carthaginians, with which the cultural mix that can be appreciated is very interesting. Today I would like to make a couple of recommendations with the monuments of Malaga and those that are most interesting to visit. Take note:

La Alcazaba : Without a doubt the most striking and beautiful in the city. It is a 5 minute walk from the Cathedral and it is a 15th century fortress where you can see a lot of Roman stone with many inscriptions and some Roman columns. A must see although inside you have to take a walk but it is worth it.

Gibralfaro Castle : It is linked to the Alcazaba by a mountain corridor that is protected by two zigzag walls. It is on Monte Faro and has been remodeled on several occasions since there used to be a lighthouse there. The views from there are spectacular.

Roman Theater : Another of Malaga’s great attractions, it dates from the 1st century and is located at the foot of the Alcazaba hill. It was named an Asset of Cultural Interest and retains its Roman beauty despite having been remodeled. In 2010 an interpretation center was inaugurated there that serves as an introduction to the Roman world and especially to the Roman theater, being able to see several videos and original pieces of great value that were recovered in the various excavations.