What to see in Montevideo

There are so many places to see in the world that it is a shame that the vast majority of us do not go to see them all, and it is that unless you are a millionaire you can hardly be traveling all day. A city that I have always wanted to know is Montevideo , the Uruguayan capital and one of the most attractive cities on the South American continent as it is a perfect combination of modernity and culture that attracts all types of travelers.

With many things to see throughout the city, it must be said that religious buildings are very important since throughout the country religion is something that is present in practically every corner. Take note of the places of interest in Montevideo so that you can make a route for your vacations:

Old Cathedral of Montevideo : It is in the historic center of the city, an area where you can find several religious temples. It was built in 1740 and since then it has been remodeled on several occasions, but always preserving its neoclassical style and without losing an iota of beauty.

Puerta de la Ciutadella : It is one of the most important places in the city and it was built during the time when Spanish rule was very present. In ancient times it was a complex, a citadel, in which there were several establishments such as a command, an armory, several dungeons and a chapel. Today only the door that gave access to the enclosure remains standing.

Plaza de la Independencia : A fantastic place to end a day tour of the city since it is the nerve center where you can find several bars and craft shops both in the square and in the surroundings, where there are a lot of narrow streets where you can find several street vendors, restaurants and hotels.