Urquhart Castle in Scotland

Castles are one of the great attractions that you can find on any trip, magical fortifications that have a great story to tell. One of the countries in which there are more castles is Scotland , which are also framed in its spectacular natural landscape. Today I would like to write about Urquhart Castle , which is on the banks of the Loch Ness River.

It is one of the castles in the United Kingdom that receives the most visits, and that it is almost in ruins. A fort that has an appearance is impressive even though hundreds of years have passed since its construction. It is also one of the largest castles in the country, and among its remains is an impressive mansion with a tower that offers views of the lake and the Great Glen.

His story

During medieval times , this castle was a place of many conflicts, being important in the wars of Scottish independence in the 14th century. Between the 13th and 17th centuries it was the bloodiest time, with King Edward I falling into the hands of the English. Later, the castle was attacked by the Lords of the MacDonald Islands.



Urquhart Castle is in an incredible natural setting , thanks in part to the fact that it is almost at water level. In addition, there are small cliffs that run through the eastern and northern parts, and a 30-meter-wide dry moat that runs through the cliffs to the land where the castle is. It is accessed by a drawbridge which is reached by a stone road. You can see the mythical Loch Ness in a spectacular way from the castle.


Inside the castle you can see what remains of the different rooms and galleries that existed in its best times, as well as several medieval artifacts that were recovered during the excavations for its construction. There is an information office with all the details about the exhibitions and audiovisual exhibitions that can be seen, and also cafes and shops to take you all kinds of local handicraft souvenirs. Admission costs 7.40 lire for adults and 4.50 for children.