Travel to Lecce in Italy

In Italy there are wonderful cities, all of them with incredible charm and romance to enjoy a vacation or a romantic getaway. Today I would like to write about Lecce , a city in the Puglia region, in the south of the country. This city is called "the Florence of the South" thanks to the many baroque monuments it has.

It is the perfect destination for architecture lovers, like any other Italian destination, but the truth is that it is a perfect city for any tourist as it will captivate you as soon as you set foot in it. Among the many things you can see there are churches, palaces or monuments, as well as being able to taste a really delicious local cuisine.

Places of interest

Among its many essential places to visit, the Basilica of Santa Cruz stands out , which is in the center of the city, an area where the Basilica Adorno Palace is also worth visiting. In this basilica you will see many relics from Roman times and various statues. The truth is that any cathedral or church in the city is truly spectacular.

You can also visit the Plaza de la Catedral , which was once a fortified citadel and which today is one of the most elegant areas of the city. Also interesting are the Vescovile Palace and the Seminary Palace, which are in that square and which perfectly represent the monumental work of the city. Nearby is the Plaza San Oronzo, where there are remains of the Amphieater and which in summer houses several theatrical performances. In this square is the Castle of Carlos V, one of the most beautiful places in the city.


Its gastronomy

Of course, you cannot leave Lecce without trying some of its gastronomic delights , which, just like in any other corner of Italy, are wonderful. The ingredients that stand out the most are vegetables, oils, bread and pasta. Among the pastas, it is worth trying the orecchiette or the tagliatelle, their strong points. The most famous typical dishes with vegetables are the aubergine parmigiana or the taieddhra (potatoes, zucchini, onions, mussels and grated cheese).

As for the sweets, you can’t leave without trying a cream-filled pasticciotto , a cotognata leccese, dried figs or the mostaccioli with a chocolate coating and a layer of grape and jam. Finally, the wines, among which the Aleatico, Copertino, Galatina, Nardò or Salento stand out.