The Calladish Stones in Scotland

In Vuela Viajes we have spoken to you on several occasions about the impressive natural landscapes of Scotland and the large number of castles that you can see almost anywhere. Another of the things that stands out in this country are the megalithic remains that you can find in a multitude of landscapes, one of the areas with the most beautiful being the town of Callanish .

Specifically, on the outskirts of that town you can find the Calladish Stones , a spectacular megalithic stones that date back to 2600 BC and that form a circle of stones that surrounds a burial chamber, also having four avenues of stones that are moving away from that place on its four sides. They are pale silvery stones that make this area one of the most interesting for tourists.

In total there are 13 stones that are located on a natural promontory, and their four alignments are spreading to form a transversal. The alignment of the northern part is longer and is in a double row, forming something similar to an avenue. These stones were reportedly used to observe the movements of the moon, and it is estimated that every 18 years the moon appears to brush against the area of ​​the stones in the hills to the south.

In the central part, where a circle is formed, there is a burial chamber, which has an entrance passage marked by a huge stone that is almost 5 meters high. Near the Calladish Stones area there are several very interesting monuments, such as the Cnoc Ceann a’Gharraidh , which is a circle made up of 8 stones. There is also the Cnoc Fillibhir Bheag, a double circle made up of 8 stones in the outer ring and 4 in the inner ring. Without a doubt an area with a lot of megalithic history.