Impressive aircraft for athletes designed by Nike

Airplane for athletes by Nike1
When thinking of Nike, the last thing that can come to mind is that the sports firm has designed an airplane. However, the brand has put tracksuits and sneakers aside for a moment to develop a custom aircraft together with the American company Teague, which manufactures technological material for airplanes. Of course, how could it be otherwise, it is an airplane intended for athletes.

As we have found such a good idea, today at Vuela Viajes we want to take a tour of this curious and practical plane. Would you like to join us? I assure you that it will surprise you!

Improve athletes’ trips

It is no news that professional football teams, especially in Europe, and basketball, especially in the NBA, spend hundreds of millions of euros each year to sign. However, it is not the only thing that the big sports clubs invest in; It is also very important to improve sports facilities and, of course, the travel of your players. In fact, in many cases the teams use private planes to make their trips. Of course, at the moment none of them comes close to the one that Nike and Teague have designed.

Airplane for athletes by Nike2

Some surprising facts

According to a study by Nikhil Swaminathan published in Scientific American in 2008, teams in the United States Baseball League lost 60% of the games in which they crossed more than three time zones. Taking these data into account, the German brand and the North American company have developed an aircraft that focuses on the needs of athletes. To do this, they conducted a series of interviews with professionals related to sports: doctors, coaches, sleep specialists …

Recovery zone

After having these necessary discussions, the two companies concluded that the sports planes should be divided into different zones. On the one hand, they speak of the recovery zone, where technology allows speeding up diagnosis and treatment in case of injury. In this case, sensors would be incorporated into the clothing to collect the player’s data, which would be automatically sent to the computers. According to these data, coaches and physical trainers could schedule sleep hours or give directions to kitchen staff about the most recommended foods for a specific athlete.

Airplane for athletes by Nike3

Sleep zone

Another area that can be seen in this aircraft designed by Nike and Teague is the sleeping space, in which the ideal conditions have been created to fall asleep, both for individual players and for the team. In this way, the negative consequences of long trips are minimized.

Training zone

In addition, the German brand and the American company have thought about the entertainment area, essential for athletes to feel comfortable. Here, in addition to incorporating the latest in games and screens, space has also been created for key activities in professional athletes, such as reviewing matches or preparing for matches.

Airplane for athletes by Nike4
What do you think of the idea that Nike and Teague have had? Do you think the teams will soon opt for this type of aircraft? You may find the idea a bit far-fetched, but the truth is that big sports teams don’t usually skimp on expenses, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a Nike plane flying through the air in the not too distant future . Then we leave you with our gallery, where you can take a look at the images of the plane.