Group trips to meet people

Group trips to meet people
There are many ways to travel in company: as a couple, with friends, with friends, as a family … But, what happens with all those people who want to travel but, by ho, don’t have company? Well, absolutely nothing! And is that everyone has the right to travel alone! Plus, it’s one of the best ways to meet new people and make new friends, and who knows, find the ultimate love.

If you have a few days of vacation and you do not coincide with anyone, if you do not have a partner, if your friends have already had children or, simply, you want to make a getaway alone, do not miss the different alternatives that we show you below to do group travel and meeting people. I assure you that if you have an open mind and want to make new friends you will love them!

And why only?

First of all, we want to tell you about a company that we have met through the Internet: Yporquénosolo ( Knowing that there are many people who cannot find people with whom to make that desired trip and that traveling alone in a group makes things much easier, this company offers you everything you need to travel to the place of your dreams in company but having all the privacy and the independence you may need at times. Of course, from Yporquénosolo they are very clear: they are not a prenuptial agency nor do they seek a partner for anyone, although they do propose to meet new people in small groups.

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Travel alone

Another website that serves as a meeting point for all those who are passionate about traveling and who have no one to do it with is, a company that is dedicated to bringing together all those who want to share their time with others regardless of age, the condition or the state. They are defined as the "reference website for independent travelers, singles or singles, odd or singular people looking to travel, meet people and have a good time." Are you not one of them?


We also want to tell you about the web, which offers exclusive trips for singles. Belonging to Gruppit , a leisure club specialized in singles, it offers 100% guaranteed singles trips. To do this, they contact the best travel agencies, which are those who propose exclusive programs for singles, divorced or divorced, single parents or people who simply want to travel alone.

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For its part, helps you find travel companions to travel alone in a group. If your dates do not coincide with those of your friends or you cannot find anyone with whom to travel to the destination you are looking for, you will be able to find companions with whom to make your getaway. And it is that this company has a wide offer in single trips and group trips so that you do not have to travel alone.


Of course, we could not forget about the magazine, which every month offers its members a complete agenda of activities and proposals to go out, have fun and meet more odd people. In short, it is a place of leisure and friendship where you will have the possibility to enjoy your free time while meeting other people and making new friends. In addition, they organize trips for small groups (between 15 and 20 people). To become a member you will have to send your personal information and they will contact you.

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Cruise ships

A great option to meet people and have a great time while you get to know other corners of the planet is to embark on a cruise. In addition, it will not be difficult for you to find a cruise to suit you, since the companies that offer this type of trip have proliferated in recent times: English cruises, singles on board, viajayliga …