Travel tips for single women

There are many people who like to travel alone , either because they do not have a partner or company for the trip or because they like to travel alone so that they do not have to depend on anyone. In the case of women who travel alone, there are a series of tips that you should take into account so that no unforeseen events arise, since on many occasions there are mishaps with women who travel alone , so it is best to do it completely security.

Take note of these tips to travel alone and that you go totally safe to each place you go:

– Before deciding on a destination, investigate all those areas and the places of interest you have to visit. It is also important to know the rate of problems that may arise in terms of robberies and others. It is clear that the ideal when you organize a trip is not to think about being robbed, but you have to think about everything.

– Choose a hotel that is in a safe area and that is known. If you can have references from someone who has stayed there it would be perfect. Once there, ask what areas you should not visit, they know everything that is "cooked" in every corner of the city.

– Leave a copy of your entire itinerary with a family member or friend so that they know at all times where you will be, especially in case something happens in the area where you are. It would also be very important to take the details of the Spanish embassy at your destination to go or make a phone call if something arises.

– If you are going to choose an organized trip that already includes all the excursions, find out about the groups that there are and the ages to be able to sign up for the one that best suits you and be able to feel comfortable with people your age.

– Even if you like to travel alone, do not close yourself to new friends, at least even out of courtesy. There are many people who travel alone so it can be the ideal occasion to meet people from other countries.

– If you travel by public transport it is recommended that you do it alongside other women or men who have children. It may seem silly but you never know … You should do the same when you want to stop and ask how to get somewhere on the street. People with children are always the most reliable.

– If you do not know the culture of the country you visit very well, try to avoid direct eye contact with men, since a simple courtesy smile at someone you pass on the street may have a meaning that you do not know.