The most sustainable resort in the world will be in the United Arab Emirates

Discovering new places while traveling around the world is an activity that almost all of us like. However, until not long ago, no one cared about sightseeing without disturbing the balance of the environment or damaging nature. Fortunately, for some time now, ecological tourism, also called ecotourism, has been gaining popularity. In fact, there are many examples that we can find throughout the planet. Without going any further, a few days ago we told you about four green corners of Spain that stood out for combining the tourism industry with ecology.

Today at Vuela Viajes we want to show you another good example of ecotourism. We are referring to the Oasis Eco Resort , the most sustainable hotel in the world, which will be located in Liwa, a region south of Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. Would you like to discover more details about this spectacular accommodation? Well, we recommend that you pay close attention to what we tell you below!

Star shaped

There are many accommodations that nowadays have an ecological conscience by flag, but none of them is as sustainable as the Oasis Eco Resort will become, which is scheduled to open its doors in the oasis of Liwa, which is located in the middle from the Rub al-Jali desert, 150 kilometers from Abu Dhabi. Designed by the prestigious architecture studio Baharash Architecture for Eco Resort Group, this luxurious and sustainable resort will have an original star shape.


Water and energy

One of the data of the project that has attracted our attention the most has to do with energy self-sufficiency. And the hotel will have 47,000 square meters of solar panels. As for the water, which will be extracted from underground wells, it will be recycled to be used for irrigation , for fish farming and for recreational activities. On the other hand, it is important to note that the hotel will hire biologists to preserve wildlife and that it will have a zero emissions zone.


Suites and other facilities

This sustainable resort will have 84 suites, which will be distributed around a central spring. Thus, from all rooms you can enjoy beautiful views. What’s more, each of them will have an outdoor terrace. As you may have imagined, the rest of the hotel facilities will also be located around this space. Among them is the gym, which will be equipped with high- tech machines, as well as the business area. Of course, the accommodation will also feature dedicated health facilities, such as a therapeutic spa.


Kitchen room

There are still more elements that make this resort the greenest in the world. For example, dishes cooked in the restaurant and bar will feature ingredients grown on site or provided by farmers in nearby towns. Of course, guests can eat both local food and international dishes. According to Baharash Baherian, founder of the architecture studio in charge of the project, it is the most sustainable project they have ever worked on. In fact, they will carry out educational programs to increase awareness of environmental values ​​and will do all they can to protect this natural area. As you can imagine, building this hotel won’t come cheap. In fact, some voices claim that its final cost will be 21 million dollars.

Then we leave you with our gallery , where you will find some of the images that have come to us from the project. Of course, we will have to wait until 2020 to see it finished.

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