The worst airport in the world

Heathrow airport has been voted the worst airport in the world, according to a survey that has been carried out in recent weeks worldwide with passengers who regularly take planes. These passengers are Priority Pass members. In case you don’t know, this is a select club that allows you to access more than 600 VIP lounges at the world’s airports. The survey was conducted in more than 160 countries.

According to Jonathan French , Head of Branding at Priority Pass, Heathrow is sadly still one of those airports that doesn’t go unnoticed and is directly loved or hated, there is no middle ground. French, dared to make this statement after confirming that the result of this year’s survey coincided with that of the previous year.

Airports from all over the world could be voted on in the poll. The second worst off was Charles de Gaulle from Paris . It was followed closely by Los Angeles, Frankfurt International Airport and Miami. But the best were also chosen. Singapore’s Changi Airport came in first , followed closely by Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok. Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport was also on the pick list.

After hearing the news, Heathrow Airport Operations Chief Mike Brown told the media that they are already working very hard to ensure that travelers enjoy their stay at the airport, before and after their flights depart. .