How to prepare a travel kit

Summer is here and many people will begin to enjoy their vacations in the next few days, which means that this week there will already be many people who start with the preparations so that they can have everything well organized when the time to travel comes. When preparing the suitcase, one must take into account an element that very few people appreciate but that is very useful for a trip: a first-aid kit.

It is not about carrying a real medicine cabinet that takes up a lot but about preparing a small one that can offer you some solutions in case something happens to you. Take note of these tips to prepare a travel kit :

– The first thing you have to do is go to the doctor or the pharmacy to get advice on what is best to take according to your destination. Going to the beach in the city next door is not the same as going to a country where you need vaccines, so keep in mind what you will find at your destination to be fully prepared.

– The number of days that you are going to be away you also have to take into account to know the amounts that you will take, especially if you are taking any medication. Always carry double what you have to take in case you lose a part of the medication or for anything that may arise.

– The first-aid kit should be kept in a place that children cannot access and that is also protected from heat , light and humidity. Keep the medications in their original containers so that you can know their expiration and do not throw away the leaflets to have all the information.

– Includes antiseptics to prevent infections such as 70% alcohol, soap, normal saline, mercromin, etc.

– You also have to put healing material such as gauze, cottons or bandages to cover wounds or burns.

– Regarding the medications that you should include, regardless of the ones you are taking, it is advisable to have aspirin, paracetamol, anti-inflammatories and an antibiotic in case you contract an infection. Antihistamines and a few vitamins will also come in handy.