Solar Travel Bags

Whether for business or pleasure, it is increasingly common to carry different devices that need to be charged on our trips, such as mobile phones or laptops. When we start to organize the suitcases, it is easy, that with so much trouble we forget to put the chargers . What can you do then? Panic? What if there was a bag that could help you in this regard?

Yes, it is increasingly common to find so-called “solar bags” in stores specializing in travel accessories . The only negative aspect of these types of bags and bags is that they do not usually generate enough energy to recharge your laptop 100%, but something does show. These travel bags are becoming more and more fashionable, especially among the greenest travelers.

The one you can see in the image above is made up of just a single, large inner padded pocket , a handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. On the side it has a compartment to carry a bottle of water. It also has an extendable feature that is another zipper that allows you to increase its storage capacity. Carrying bag included a rechargeable battery that can power small electronic devices like phone, camera, or GPS.

The bag is medium in size and its weight is not too high. That particular model can only be bought in yellow, but there are already a lot of solar bags on the market that will adapt to your preferences.