Travel to Copacabana in Brazil

One of the most famous beaches in the world is Copacabana in Brazil , in fact, when you think of Copacabana you always come across images of that beach full of people enjoying good weather and water sports. But the city is much more than its beach, although it is what is best known about it and even though the city became famous precisely thanks to a luxurious hotel that was in the beach area and which was attended by celebrities from all over the world. world.

Little by little, several housing developments began to be built in order to achieve a great city with much to offer at all levels. Then there was a small downturn that caused favelas to be built in the surroundings and many prostitutes began to work in the beach area, but for a few years it has been all glamor again and the ideal place to spend a vacation, either as a family, as a couple or alone.

Currently, in Copacabana you can find all kinds of tourism offers, especially everything related to leisure, fun, outdoor activities and gastronomy. When night falls, the beach area fills with people as there are many bars, restaurants and pubs in the area, and nothing better than sitting on a terrace to have a caipirinha watching all the movement. When dawn comes, the beach becomes a true paradise, so around 6 in the morning it is worth going to be able to enjoy the sunrise.

On Copacabana beach you can also enjoy a lot of sports activities, such as beach volleyball, soccer, surfing, boogie boarding or frescoball. It should be noted that on Sundays and holidays, traffic is closed throughout the beach area so that anyone who wants to can take a leisurely walk, either on foot or by bicycle, rollerblading or doing some jogging.