The valleys of Catamarca in Argentina

I always say that in this world we have spectacular natural wonders , and wherever you go you will surely find a landscape worthy of saying: "this is spectacular." In South America you can find some of the best natural landscapes in the world, and it is a very tropical continent with a nature that is very worth discovering. One of these places is in Argentina and they are the valleys of Catamarca , a set of places where contrast and diversity leave a unique landscape.

The colors and vegetation that this area offers make both things change radically from one region to another, which makes it one of the richest and most beautiful regions in the world in terms of scenic beauty. There you can discover a lot of trails, mountains, trees, lakes … all within the reach of almost anyone and that will also allow you to carry out various activities such as hiking .

One of the roads that is considered a must-see is the "Paso de San Francisco" , which connects Fiambalá with Copiapó and has an extension of no less than 200 kilometers. During that "little walk" you will have before you an eternity of sky and mountains but that you will never tire of admiring since they all have something special. There you will enjoy the Andes Mountains , as well as other valleys such as Chaschuil and other natural elements such as several volcanoes over 6,000 meters high that help to form a truly impressive landscape.

Another of the most famous valleys in this Argentine region of Catamarca is the Hualfín Valley , which has several inactive volcanoes and other very interesting places such as mountains and vineyards, in which by the way you can have a wonderful wine while enjoying the landscape. In the part of the city of this valley is the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary , one of the most historic places in all of Argentina and that has been there since 1770.