Mar de Ajo in Argentina

A summer getaway to South America can take us to Mar de Ajó, Argentina . This is a spa town located on the Atlantic coast, distinguished by its beautiful beaches. It is only 35 km from Buenos Aires. Mar de Ajó , is able to provide different options for fun among its varied and safe beaches. It also has a wide range of hotels, bars, restaurants, casinos, bingo halls, etc. for young and old.

As we approach its beaches, we are welcomed by the great monument of "The liberator and the sea" in honor of José de San Martín. If after doing a reconnaissance in the area, you want directly to see what sports you can practice, think directly about surfing, sandboarding, volleyball and beach soccer among others. These sports can be practiced comfortably since some of the beaches reach 100 meters wide.
But if your thing is relaxation , do not fear that you will also find it here. You can take nice walks and go visit the ship “La Margaretha”. In the afternoon you can go to the center to get to know the oldest area (historic center) and visit its museums , buy handicrafts, try the rich food of the place, etc.

The average temperature that you will find during your visit will be 22 degrees, reaching a maximum of 33 degrees. Another day of your stay in the area, you can pay a visit to the Rubén Luis Di Palma Regional Racetrack. It is clear that you will not stop for a minute on your vacation in this idyllic area.