Tips for backpacking

Many people are looking for tips for backpacking in Europe without having to have a lot of money. Not only the rich can travel the world, those who do not have so many resources can also do it with the backpack on their back. Exploring the European continent as a backpacker is a worthwhile adventure, that’s why we give you a series of tips:

Determine when you want to travel : Almost everyone wants to travel during late spring or summer, as this is when the weather tends to be better. The advantage is that the heat is pleasant and you will find young people with backpacks everywhere. However, the disadvantage of going out on those dates is that everything is more expensive, especially accommodation, and there are more tourists in the most popular places.

Cheaper places to visit : Countries are not just their capitals. It is true that we all want to visit Paris, London or Rome sometime, but there are other charming cities that are inexpensive, less expensive and have many attractions.

How to find the best flight rate : Sometimes you can find good deals in travel agencies, but it is best to search for flights online. There are more and more low-cost companies with flights that are priced to roundtrip.

Choosing a hostel, sharing a room and using trains as accommodation : You don’t always have to go from hotel to hotel to travel, the cheapest thing is to spend the night in a hostel to rest, have a strong lunch and continue the adventure. Another option is to share the rent of an apartment in the destination with other people. It is also worth taking advantage of train trips to get some sleep.

Gather as much information as possible about the places to visit : This advice is important so as not to get lost anywhere. You must know exactly what you can find in each city, how to get around, where to eat or places to sleep. You always have to keep the travel route in mind and follow the path.

Plan the most important : Everything must be planned in detail, including the budget you have to spend in each place you visit. Despite being a backpacker, it is always good to make reservations so as not to run out of places.

Find free tickets to museums and tourist sites : Culture is expensive, but there are always places where you can access it free of charge. Surely without money you cannot enter the Louvre in Paris, but there are many other tourist attractions that do not require entry.

Cheap phone calls : Calling from abroad is not cheap, but there are many other ways to communicate with the family without having to spend, use the Internet for everything: messenger, facebook or twitter to leave messages. The best thing to do is go to a Cybercafé.

Try to travel in a group to obtain discounts : Not going alone always has advantages, especially since you can find discounts and spread expenses. Many museums, trains, discos offer interesting discounts if you go in a group. You can also take advantage of your status as a student, teacher, researcher, worker, professional, athlete, artist,