Traditions and customs in Sweden

Sweden customs
Before traveling to any corner of the world it is important to soak up the culture and customs of the place so as not to disrespect the locals and to fit in perfectly. Of course, this is essential whether we travel to the other part of the world or to a nearby corner. And it is that there are always differences in the traditions and the ways of acting of the population.

Today, for example, we want to talk to you about the traditions and customs of Sweden , a country that does not differ excessively from other European territories but has some peculiarities with respect to us. Would you like to join us? It will be very useful if you plan to travel to this country in the north of the continent!

How are the swedes

Sweden welcomes thousands of travelers every year, most of them for business, research or studies. Whether you are in this group of people or if you travel to this country in northern Europe for tourism, you should know the customs and traditions of this country. Thus, the most important thing is that you know what the Swedes are like, who are characterized by being quite reserved, extremely punctual, friendly and polite. In fact, they are very grateful, so we recommend that you quickly acquire this habit to be able to interact in a friendly way with others. The phrase they use to say thank you is "tack sa mycket tack, tack" ("thank you very much, thank you, thank you").

Sweden customs1

Socialize with Swedes

Now that you know more or less what Swedes are like, you should know how you should interact with them. Thus, you should bear in mind that, in general, they speak little and in a very low voice. On the other hand, these are people who are very jealous of their privacy , which is why they are not used to having conversations in public with strangers. Also, they don’t usually talk about politics. As for the greetings, the usual thing is a handshake, although when there is a certain relationship the hug is also common. What they almost never do is kiss. On the other hand, you should know that in dates each one usually pays his own, something that also happens when going out with friends. Another thing to keep in mind is that jokes about sexes, minorities, and foreigners are considered in bad taste.

In houses, shops, bars and restaurants

If a Swede invites you to their home, we recommend that you bring a bottle of wine or flowers. Also, you should bear in mind that before drinking the host must make a toast. It is also important to know that Sucos often remove their shoes before entering the house. On the other hand, as we have mentioned before, Swedes are very jealous of privacy, so much so that in shops, bars and restaurants, vendors and waiters do not immediately approach customers, but wait for them to call them. And speaking of restaurants, you should know that in Sweden smoking is not allowed in any closed establishment.

Sweden customs2

Important parties

Swedes celebrate some important holidays throughout the year. Thus, after Christmas , which is lived very intensely in Sweden, the most important holiday is Midsommar, or what is the same, the summer solstice. On this day, Swedes have festive lunches, adorn their hair with flowers, sing songs and drink dry brandy. Also important is the Walpurgis Night, or what is the same, the festival of pre-Christian origin, which is celebrated on April 30. During this holiday, people burn those objects they want to get rid of. Other notable holidays in Sweden are All Saints’ Day, Easter and Saint Martin’s Day.