German customs and traditions

With international travel so affordable today, it is important that we learn about the culture of a country before visiting it. Being well informed about the customs and etiquette that exist in the region that we are going to visit can help us prevent mistakes that can bring us some unpleasant consequences. Ignorance can lead to offending someone’s beliefs or hurt feelings.

Germany , being one of the largest economies in the world, is a great platform for international business. People from all over the world travel to the country to hold different business meetings . Therefore, it is important to know some of their customs. Take note:

– When you are introduced to a person, you shake hands, you will never give them a hug. Furthermore, eye contact must be maintained. It is considered rude not to look at the other person when they are talking to you.

– If instead of a person, it is a group that you are going to be introduced to, you must wait for the host to introduce you, then you will shake hands with everyone, men, women and even children.

– Everyone likes to keep their living space , so during a conversation keep at least an arm’s length outstretched.

– You should not greet people with a "How are you?", Unless you want to spend the next fifteen minutes listening to their personal problems. A "good morning" in German , like "Guten Tag", will suffice.

– They should never be eaten with your fingers in Germany. Bread can be broken with your hands, but even pizza and French fries must be eaten with a fork.

– You should not start eating until your host says "Guten Appetit", which means good appetite or "bon appetite".