Travel to Georgetown

Following my particular guide to getting to know all the corners of the United States, today I would like to tell you about Georgetown , specifically the one in the state of South Carolina since in this same country there are a few more with this name and they are in different state.

It was founded in 1729 and its architecture from that time still persists in many places in the city, many of them surrounded by beautiful wooded parks that give it a very special charm and where you can carry out different types of activities. It is a great city to play golf as it has many courses. Take note of this information if you are traveling to Georgetown :

Shopping : There are many shopping centers among which Waccamaw Pottery Outlet Stores and Myrtle Beach Factory Stores stand out, both with very cheap prices and great to find all kinds of clothes and accessories at a very good price and in addition to quality.

Museums : Culture is very important in this city and you have several museums that are very interesting, such as the Rice Museum, the Hopsewee Plantation and the Kamanski House.

Leisure : If you want to enjoy a day of rest and relaxation, you can go to one of the water parks or attractions that there are, in addition to the fact that several crossings are also made on the river. On the Grand Strand beach you can do a lot of water sports and you can even fish.

Nightlife : There is a lot of atmosphere and a very good vibe in any place, something very important to go out for drinks. There are a lot of clubs and bars with live music.

Parties : During the summer months, specifically June, July and August, the Harborfest takes place every Tuesday, a festival in which you can eat, drink and buy all kinds of souvenirs from 06:00 to 22:00 and that culminates with fireworks.