15 things to do in New York once in your life

New York
Eager to travel to New York ? Normal! It is one of the most spectacular cities in the world, something that explains why it is one of the most visited. There are no moments for boredom because the leisure offer is tremendously extensive, while you can enjoy its huge park, the beauty of its skyscrapers or the variety of restaurants that you will find along its streets.

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, which as you probably already know is a website specialized in activities around the world, we wanted to create a list that contains 15 essentials that you should not leave out if you visit the Big Apple. Would you like to meet them? Don’t miss out on anything that comes next!

1- Cycle through Central Park

If you are one of those who usually take a bicycle to exercise, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit a park as large as Central Park. There, if the good weather is good, you can spend a whole day with your bicycle, stopping from time to time to rest and contemplate the beauty of the place . What’s more, you should also consider the option of organizing a picnic. You can rent the bike for the whole day, or you can opt for one of the city bikes that can be rented for several days.

2- Go to a Broadway musical

New York is a show in itself, but if there is a place where that is most noticeable, it is undoubtedly Broadway. It is the district where the most famous theaters in the world are , a place where the best works have been performed for decades. Classics like "Chicago" or "The Phantom of the Opera" will cast a spell on you.

3- Go up to a rooftop to see Manhattan

If you don’t have vertigo and you want to see Manhattan in the best possible way, don’t overthink it and go up to the highest part of a building that has a terrace. You will think you are in a movie if you opt for skyscrapers like the Top of The Tock, the Empire State or the One World Observatory.

New York

4- Watch a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden

Whether you like basketball or not, you should have the experience of watching a game in the best league. The game itself may not interest you too much, but surely you will be happy for the spectacle that is lived in the stands. There is something special about the NBA , and the Knicks’ court is one of the most beautiful in the entire country. In addition, stars like LeBron James, Luka Doncic or Stephen Curry can pass through there, players who are a spectacle and lift any fan from their seat.

5- Cross by ferry to Staten Island and reach the Statue of Liberty

This is a mandatory ride. To get to the Statue of Liberty, which is one of the most famous monuments in the world, you will have to cross Staten Island by ferry. You can do it paying or free, since the Ellis Island can be taken without paying a dollar.

New York

6- Go shopping in Soho

New York is also an ideal city to go shopping, something you probably already knew. This is demonstrated in places like Soho, where you will find numerous trendy shops and restaurants where you can test the resistance of your credit card. I assure you that it is practically impossible to leave without buying something.

7- Cross the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset

Romanticism also has a place in New York. In that sense, one of the best plans out there is to watch the sunset from the Brooklyn Bridge . It will seem like something magical.

8- Sing “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra on Fifth Avenue

Yes, it is a bit geek, but since you are in New York and you get carried away by the charm of the place, why not do it?

9- Eat a hot dog at Gray’s Papaya

There is time for everything. You can go to a fancy restaurant if your pocket allows it, but you can also have a hot dog to feel like a true American. In that sense, Gray’s Papaya is one of the best options. Both its taste and its price will convince you.

10- Watch a New York Yankees game

In the same way that it is advisable to go to Madison Square Garden to see an NBA game, you should also go to the home of the Yankees to see good baseball. It is a sport that drives Americans crazy and you may understand it when you are there, as the spectacle is lived both on and off the field of play.

11- Take a helicopter tour of Manhattan

Heliocopter flights of different duration are organized every day to fly over Manhattan. It is a different and unforgettable plan, since you will see the skyscrapers from very close. Check out Hellotickets to learn more .

New York

12- Visit MoMA

How could it be otherwise, art also has a place in New York. One of the best options to enjoy it is to visit MoMA, which is the city’s art museum. It is located in Midtown Manhattan, at 11 West and 53rd Street and between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

13- The Wall Street Financial Crisis Tour

Does the Wall Street financial crisis sound familiar to you ? If you want to know more about it, nothing better than to carry out a tour in which everything that happened being in the exact place is explained.

14- Take a tour of «Sex and the City»

It is an alternative plan that should not be ruled out either. The "Sex of New York" tour satisfies everyone who decides to take it on. It is a tour based on a complete journey through the different settings of the series, which will allow you to relive the adventures of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda as if you had been there.

15- Go to a Gospel mass

Have you listened to a Gospel mass on television and have you always thought it was amazing? If you are in New York you can experience it live and direct , so do not miss the opportunity and go to one of them. You can go to a Sunday gospel service and discover the Harlem neighborhood, which is undoubtedly the one most closely linked to American religious music that emerged from the hundreds of African-American evangelical Protestant churches in the 18th century.